Additional Products & Services

Establishing a strong, consistent brand identity is crucial for the success of most businesses.


For eCommerce businesses, domain names are a very important component of the holistic brand identity. A domain name is a key part of the “street address” that locates your business on the internet, the URL. Visitors to your online store use a URL to access your website. Because domain names and/or URLs are utilized so frequently as part of the online experience, some businesses become known by their domain name. The benefits of a custom domain name extend beyond ease of access for customers. Similarly, custom domain names that are closely associated with business name boost search engine rankings.

When you sign up for a free trial or open an online store with CoreCommerce, you’ll receive a built-in, temporary domain. However, we strongly recommend that you purchase a custom domain name that matches as closely as possible with your business’s name.

For example, the fictional store owner of Green Tree Coffee decides to set up an online store with CoreCommerce. When she opens her store, she receives the temporary domain: no extra charge. However, to make sure her customers are clear on how to access her site, she decides to purchase the domain name “GreenTreeCoffee.” Her customers can now access her site with the URL

CoreCommerce has partnered with to offer $9.99/year* for a custom domain name. For such an affordable price, opting for a custom domain name is a great move for your business.

* The price of $9.99 is for .com, .net, .org, .us, .info, .biz.

To purchase a custom domain name, simply log in to the admin dashboard of your free trial or online store and access Account > Services, call us at 1 (800 )747-4270 or email us at

For eCommerce companies, security is extremely important, because customers pass payment information through your online store when they make purchases.


An SSL, also known as a “Secure Socket Layer,” is the standard security technology that establishes a link between a web server and a browser. It ensures that the data passed between web servers and browsers is protected.

As a CoreCommerce customer, you’ll receive a shared SSL certificate free as part of your plan. However, you may choose to purchase a dedicated SSL certificate. Similar to a custom domain name, a dedicated SSL certificate establishes a more professional and consistent brand identity for your business and enhances your visibility on google searches.

For example, the fictional store owner of Green Tree Coffee decides to set up an online store with CoreCommerce. When she opens her store, she receives a shared SSL certificate at no extra charge. When customers place initiate transactions on her website, the shared SSL certificate will read If she decides to purchase a dedicated SSL certificate for her business, will be visible when customers initiate transactions. Although the level of security is the same, a dedicated SSL certificate provides an extra layer of brand consistency to your online store.

CoreCommerce has partnered with industry leader GoDaddy to provide one of the best SSL offers on the market. You can purchase dedicated SSL certificates for a 15% discount versus going direct with GoDaddy.

One Year: $59.00     |   Two Year: $95.00 ($47.50/yr)   |   Three Year: $129.00 ($43.00/yr)

CoreCommerce also offers a special installation price of $95 for the SSL certificate. Installation services are required with the purchase of the certificate and must be renewed every year, so we recommend that you select 3 or more years when you purchase your SSL.

To purchase a custom SSL certificate and installation, please log in to the admin dashboard of your free trial or your online store and access Account > Services, give us a call at 1 (800 )747-4270, or email us at

Stand apart from the crowd with a unique, customized online store design.


Web Design Concept Edited

Website templates are an easy-to-use, convenient and cost effective solution for many online businesses. However, website templates do have their limitations. While templates do allow for a fair amount of customization, the overall structure of the site components is more or less fixed.

For businesses who want to craft a highly branded one-of-a-kind user experience, or for businesses whose products are complex or best showcased in an unconventional or nonstandard format, working with a developer to craft a customized online store is likely their best solution.

Sometime, though, a business simply wants to stand out, with an eye-catching design that isn’t just run of the mill.

CoreCommerce offers web design services in-house and can create a custom design for your online store for as little as $2,500, which is significantly less than many of our competitors’ rates.

The benefits of selecting CoreCommerce to develop your custom design are numerous. First and foremost, we are an eCommerce company. Our designers understand that the consumer experience in an online store is different from the user experience of an average website. Additionally, we optimize all our custom designs for mobile responsiveness and SEO rankings.

To request a quote for custom design services, please log in to the admin dashboard of your free trial or your online store and access Account > Services, give us a call at 1 (800) 747-4270, or email us at

Switching eCommerce providers can seem like a truly frightening prospect. However, CoreCommerce’s re-platforming services makes the process easy and stress-free.


Re-platforming involves both data migration and custom store design or replication. Data migration services include exporting data from your existing eCommerce site on another eCommerce platform and importing that data to the CoreCommerce platform.

Clients migrating from another platform have the option of choosing from our available templates, building a brand new custom site, or replicating their existing site. The applicable design and/or replication fees apply.

Each re-platforming project is unique. We will build a custom quote based on your needs for your new CoreCommerce site.

Data migration services include:

  • Data export from current platform
    • includes customer information, order history, product information and categories, and product images
  • Data manipulation and reformatting
  • Data import into CoreCommerce platform

CoreCommerce’s data migration services start at $350 for those clients who opt to migrate data to a template. The fee does not include custom store design or replication. New clients who purchase our re-platforming services who also purchase our Build Assist Service will receive a 15% discount on the Build Assist Service.

To request a comprehensive quote for re-platforming services, including data migration and custom site design or replication, please log in to the admin dashboard for your store and access Account > Services, give us a call at 1 (800 )747-4270, or email us at

We can build custom integrations to third party softwares and services that help you run your business.


Software Development EditedAlthough we currently offer integrations to an impressive array of third party applications, new applications are being developed every day. If you utilize a third party provider as part of your business that is not currently integrated with the CoreCommerce platform, we can build an integration for you.

We can also develop custom features to meet the unique needs of your business. Our developers will quote your project based on the time required to complete it and an hourly rate of $100 for development projects.

To request a quote for custom integration and development projects, please log in to the admin dashboard for your store and access Account > Services, give us a call at 1 (800 )747-4270, or email us at