eCommerce Platform Features

Build an all-in-one hosted store with our fully integrated platform equipped with powerful tools to accelerate growth and drive sales.


CoreCommerce powers business growth. Our robust admin dashboard maximizes business operations and seamlessly integrates with best-in-class third party tools built to engage customers throughout the buying process, make payments quick and seamless, and increase conversions.

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Design the ultimate customer experience on our all-in-one platform.

  • Select from our beautiful eCommerce store designs, including mobile-friendly, responsive designs
  • Affordable custom design website
  • Hundreds of app and integration options allow you to design the perfect experience for your customers
  • Integrated marketing tools support high-quality, personalized customer contact
  • Customizable discounts, coupons, gift certificates and marketing tools allow you to attract and retain high-value customers
  • In-depth reporting tools allow you to analyze customer engagement throughout the buyer’s journey and convert visitors into customers

Spend less time worrying about your site, more time dedicated to growing your business.

  • Secure hosting
  • Automatic updates as we roll out new or improved features
  • Level 1 PCI-DSS compliance, the highest level available
  • 99.99% uptime means your store captures every sale
  • Premium bandwidth for reliable speed
  • We worry about staying on the cutting edge of eCommerce developments so you don’t have to

A full explanation of platform functionality.

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Set your business up for success with outstanding customer support, from onboarding to store launch and beyond.

  • Free onboarding session with an onboarding coach
  • Live chat with support techs from within the admin dashboard
  • A host of resources to support the success of your online store on our platform, including webinars, instructional articles and the CoreCommerce blog
  • Award-winning support from our Legendary Support team

The CoreCommerce onboarding program has been developed to ensure a stress-free, hassle-free launch of an attractive and effective online store. When you sign up for a free trial, you will receive an initial 30 minute call with an onboarding coach. You guide the session and direct the conversation around any questions you may have regarding the store set up process and the specific needs of your business. In addition, you will receive a free 45-minute third party integration consultation. CoreCommerce offers a robust platform with powerful integration capabilities with third-party shipping, accounting, payment processing, marketing, and analytics services. We can help you work through the integration options available in order to select the best options for your business. We’ll help you develop a powerful, fully integrated dashboard that will save your business time and money.

Live chat functionality within the admin dashboard means our customer support team is always available to answer any questions you may have as you work to get your site launched. On-demand content including webinars, Support Center articles, and CoreCommerce blog content provide user friendly how-to guides for a variety of tasks related to the set up and launch of your store as well as relevant information to support you in the strategic growth of your business.

Once your store has been launched, our customer support techs are always available by phone or live chat to answer your questions or resolve any issues. As a CoreCommerce customer, you’ll gain access to our award-winning Legendary Support team, one of the best support platforms in the industry.

Build a high-quality all-in-one online store that is designed to sell.


Designing a high-performing online store that creates a high-quality, personalized experience for your customers has never been easier. Personalized content feeds such as “Recently Viewed,” “Related Products,” “Top Sellers,” and “New Arrivals” feeds, create custom experiences for customers and upsell and cross-sell opportunities for your business. Reach out to customers at each stage of the buyer’s journey with customized offers and coupons generated by our robust coupon and promotions generation tool. Nurture customer engagement with your business through post-sell promotional offers, brand content and review requests through our customizable email templates.

Our all-in-one online stores are designed to provide an outstanding user experience for your customers with easy store navigation, attractive and informative product displays, product feeds and promotional banner content and social media sharing.

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Features include:

  • Free, modern template options including mobile responsive designs
  • “Recently Viewed” and “Related Product” feeds
  • “Top Sellers” and “New Arrivals” feeds
  • Built-in, customizable e-mail templates
  • Layered mega menu and drop down menu capabilities
  • A variety of home page widgets
  • NIVO Slider
  • And much more….

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Not satisfied with your current platform? Migrating is easy with CoreCommerce’s legendary support team.

  • Easily make the switch to CoreCommerce’s state of the art platform with no downtime and no lost sales
  • Our legendary support team will be with you 100% of the way to ensure a seamless and hassle-free transition
  • Keep your product reviews with batch import
  • We have conversion tools to expedite the process for you.

Industry-leading uptimes, premium bandwidth, and proven site security ensure your site captures every sale.


Features include:

  • 99.99% uptime means your site captures every sale
  • Secure hosting
  • PCI-DSS Level 1 compliance
  • Fraud and spam protections ensure you and your customers are protected

Built-in marketing tools, seamless social integration and SEO optimization drive customer engagement with your business.

CoreCommerce’s state-of-the-art platform comes with the built-in tools you need to drive traffic and convert sales. Our built-in mailing list, newsletter templates, and store blogging platforms allow you to create customized content that improves your SEO rankings and drives potential customers to your online store. Our platform also seamlessly integrates with third-party marketing and CRM tools, including MailChimp, MyEmma and ConstantContact.

Gift registries, customer wish lists, and product reminders keep customers engaged with your products in between sales. Customers can easily share products on social media or by email.

Abandoned shopping cart email capabilities allow you to reach out to customers who left before buying in order to reclaim lost sales.

Features include:

  • Built-in mailing list and newsletter
  • Integrations with MailChimp, Constant Contact, Emma and GetResponse
  • Customer gift registries, wish lists and rewards programs
  • Google Trusted Store
  • Integrate CoreCommerce with your Facebook business page to sell products on Facebook
  • Upload product feeds to Facebook for carousel and dynamic product advertisements
  • Add social sharing buttons to products
  • Share with a Friend capability
  • Built-in blog platform
  • Entire store is SEO optimized
  • And much more…

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Change browsing behaviors into buying behaviors by giving customers control of their experience in your store.


Unlimited product photos and built-in photo editing tools like Lightbox create outstanding product displays. Advanced search options and the capability for customers to segment products by price, add coveted products to a wishlist, compare products with each other or read other customers’ product reviews all give your customers what they need to make informed purchases. Gift certificates, coupons, sale campaigns, quantity-based pricing and bulk price adjustments, bundling discounts and free shipping capabilities are just a few of the wide variety of promotional tools built-in to your all-in-one online store.

Features include:

  • A robust coupon engine
  • Product reviews comparison tools
  • Upsell and cross-sell opportunities through “Related Products” feeds and bundling discounts
  • Product photos enhanced with ImageZoom and Lightbox
  • Upload unlimited product photos
  • Create sale campaigns, quantity based pricing, bulk price adjustment
  • Advanced search options and dynamic search results
  • And much more….

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Reach customers around the world with our industry leading multilingual and multi-currency global platform.


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Expanding your business’s reach to international customers is easy with robust integrations for global eCommerce. We host sites with free, built-in English, Spanish and Portugese translations for both the customer-facing online store and the admin dashboard (and will soon launch capability in Hindi and French). Our online stores provide seamless support for additional languages. Our language toggling functionality allows you to sell easily in multiple languages, and we provide numerous integrations to allow you to reach international customers, including international payments, shipping and fulfillment. We also offer product displays on your homepage in your choice of 163 currencies, all automatically updated every hour with the most recent exchange rates.

Features include:

  • Our online stores and admin dashboards come with free, built-in English, Spanish and Portugese translations (Hindi and French coming soon!)
  • Translations to additional languages are supported
  • Hourly currency updates based on the latest exchange rates
  • Product displays in your choice of 163 currencies
  • Multicurrency payment processing
  • Multi-language support with the capability to toggle between language translations in both the online store and admin dashboard
  • Easy international shipping integrations
  • And much more…

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Streamline business processes with hassle-free product and supplier management tools.


Save time and money with our product management functionality, built in to our admin dashboard. Easily manage your product inventory and vendor relationships. Keep track of your products with our inventory tracking tools, including email notifications. Provide permissions and vendor log-ins to allow vendors to manage their own products. With our vendor management tools, vendors can log-in to permitted portions of the admin dashboard to add new products and update or delete existing products associated with their vendor ID’s, saving your business time and unnecessary headaches.

Features include:

  • Batch import, export and update of product information
  • Generate supply orders from the admin dashboard
  • Track inventory by product, product variances or product bundles
  • Receive email notifications for low inventory or restocked items
  • Vendor log-in allows vendors to manage their own products in your store, including the ability for them to add and update products depending on their level of permissions
  • And much more…

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Whether customers are purchasing on their mobile phone or at their desktop, with a gift card or a credit card, at a discounted rate or in a foreign currency, our integrated payment gateway partners support even the most complex transactions hassle free.


Features include:

  • Mobile Payment EditedSpecial discounted rates and fees with our preferred payment gateways.
  • We authorize and process your Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Discover cards.
  • You will receive one settlement with consolidated reporting.
  • Over 70 additional payment gateway integrations available if you already have an existing payment processor and don’t want to switch
  • Multilingual, multi-currency gateways are supported for international payments
  • Easily accept payments by gift certificate and money order
  • We are fully PCI-DSS Level I compliant (the highest obtainable level), insuring the security of your payments
  • Tokenization of cards (card-on-file) making your repeat customer’s checkout experience fast
  • And much more…

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Discover the value and savings to be achieved by partnering with CoreCommerce Payments. On average, online businesses processing $100,000 in credit card payments annually will save $360 with CoreCommerce Payment’s discounted rates and fees versus other payments processing providers.

CoreCommerce makes shipping and order fulfillment simple.


With numerous options for best-in-class third-party integrations available, you get to decide which provider and which services work best for your business. We figure out the rest – and provide a seamless integration into your online store. For domestic and international shipments of all shapes and sizes, we power seamless integration partners who support the needs of your business.

  • Easy integration with leading shipping companies
  • Increase sales with free shipping options
  • Outsource fulfillment with drop shipping options
  • Easily print shipping labels
  • Organize shipping methods by location with shipping groups
  • Accurate shipping quotes for leading providers
  • And much more…

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Analytics are more important than ever in powering smart business decisions in highly competitive markets.


Each online store houses built-in analytics and reporting tools in the administrative dashboard that can help you track sales and marketing metrics, as well as manage your product inventory. Our eCommerce platforms are also built to integrate seamlessly with Google Analytics for detailed web analytics reporting.

Features include:

  • Google Analytics integration
  • A variety of reports, including:
    • Sales reports
    • Tax report
    • Best performing products report
    • Inventory report (inventory levels and availability)
    • Coupon usage report
    • Gross sales invoiced report
    • Affiliate statistics
    • Keyword and search terms reports
    • Vendor sales reports
    • Consigned product reports
    • Bandwidth usage report
  • And much more…

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CoreCommerce’s all-in-one, hosted eCommerce platforms are fully integrated and fully responsive for optimal omnichannel success.


Our platforms maximize mobile sales at your store, as well as in social and marketplace platforms. With product content formatted for easy social sharing and purchasability, your success extends far beyond your online storefront.

  • Sell your products on Amazon and eBay
  • Sell products from your Facebook business page
  • Upload product feeds to Facebook to take advantage of Facebook’s dynamic product ads
  • Social sharing buttons on each product
  • Create an “Add to Cart” button to install on external sites, redirecting them to your online store
  • Facebook, Twitter and Google logins for quick account access